Our Partners

Strategic Commercial Partners


We are collaborating with Sage, the leading accounting, payroll, people and payments banking software, to enable small businesses to gain ‘one click’ access to funding solutions from banks, alternative lenders and specialist financing providers without having to leave their accounting software solution. This integration of funding solutions with accounting software will help small businesses tackle some of the biggest pain-points that small businesses experience – the effective management of their cashflow to avoid sudden funding emergencies.


We are the only UK Platform working with MoneySuperMarket.com. We exclusively power a price comparison solution for its business finance customers who want to see which finance providers will lend to them and at what terms - helping MoneySuperMarket.com to ensure its customers have access to the best business funding solutions.

Conatus Financing Solutions

Sometimes our customer’s needs are more complex, than the online platform can meet and a more bespoke solution is required to find the finance required. We have joined forces with Conatus Financing Solutions to create the Funding Xchange Premier service to try our best to help those customers. This service offers our small business customers a number of days of support to try to find the answer to those complex needs. Our friends in the Conatus team each have over 20 years of experience in the banking and finance sector and are experts at sourcing the right kind of finance deal. This service is paid for by our customer to cover the time spent sourcing the right deal, however if we are able to find the funding and the lender pays us commission then in some circumstances we can offset that commission against the costs to the customer.

Collaboration with Government bodies

Designated by HM Treasury

We've been selected by the Government to help businesses find funding when they've been unsuccessful with their bank. We work with the nine largest UK banks helping their small business customers to access finance. Funding Xchange is proud to be part of this Government policy which aims to help the 25% of small business loan applicants who are declined each year.

UK Export Finance

Funding Xchange is part of the UKEF referral scheme made available through a team of Export Finance Managers helping connect members to lenders. Funding Xchange helps UKEF members get the best possible terms as lenders compete to offer the finance needed to fulfil each member's export ambitions.

CMA (Competition & Markets Authority)

The Competition & Markets Authority’s (CMA) review of the SME banking sector led to a number of remedies to be implemented to help small businesses find the finance they need. We are working closely with the CMA and relevant High Street banks to implement the findings of the CMA leading to greater transparency of funding solutions and make it easier for businesses to access the funding they require.


Funding Xchange was a finalist in NESTA’s Open Banking Challenge and is actively promoting the use of Open Banking to make it easier for small business to access funding when they need it.

Open Banking Limited

Funding Xchange was one of a dozen firms to achieve AISP status in the UK for the launch of Open Banking in January 2018. Funding Xchange is currently implementing Open Banking into its core technology.